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Nikolaos Kimon Kotsifos - Managing Director of Investment Center

Educational / Teaching Experience

He was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1981. He studied Marketing at the School of Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and then completed his Master of Marketing and Communications with New Technologies Degree Program at the Athens University of Economics (ASOEE) .

He has taught Marketing courses in schools of Business Administration, Commerce & Marketing, Tourism Business Organization ATEI. The teaching areas focus on Industrial / B2B Marketing, Marketing Management, and Advertising & Public Relations.

Since 2007 he has been actively and continuously involved in Business Consulting. He has extensive experience in the preparation of financial feasibility studies for Grants Programs, where he is a Certified Evaluator of the Development (New Investment) Law.

Individual Skills

As an economist-researcher he has specialized in integrating small and medium-sized enterprises in Development Programs (Grants, NSRF, EPANEK, Development Law, etc.). He has extensive experience and high technical knowledge in the preparation of Financial Feasibility Studies and Business Sustainability Studies. He holds a Certificate in Economics (Registry Number 0079182) & Accountant (Licence Number 0061179), a Degree in Study Formulation (Registry Number 22621) of Category 3 (Financial Studies) and of Category 5 (Organization and Business Research Studies), and lastly, he is a Certified Development Law Evaluator, with tens of Nationwide Evaluations.

As a small and medium-sized business development consultant, he provides mentoring to existing and new entrepreneurs. He develops Business Plans and Marketing Plans to guide and propose improvement methods, development solutions and ways to promote businesses. He provides Business Coaching with Business Plan development and Market Research.

Team Skills

Surrounded by the appropriate support team, he is able to perform BPR (Business Process Reengineering) - Business Process Redesign Studies as well as personalized Business / Operator Costing Assessments. He has been a valued contributor to his team, and has led Collaborative Study Designs for Agencies (Municipalities, Public Entities, KEK), and Sector Research for Institutes (ESEE, IME, GSEVEE), Associations etc.

Soft Skills

As a career counselor, he helps guide the unemployed with vocational orientation (personalized direction in dynamic sectors of the economy). He is a Certified Advisor in the IME GSEVEE Volunteer Mentor Registry (GSEVEE Small Business Institute) under the European EARLY WARNING EUROPE Program. Finally, he has published the book «7 Business Tips for" Self Improvement "», published by IBISKOS (ISBN: 139786185093174), excerpts of which are available at ( ( ).

He has gained significant experience from cases where he acted as a Personal Consultant, as well as from personal business actions / investment moves. In addition, he constantly studies and draws knowledge from international sources of entrepreneurship, in order to be as close as possible to the forefront of developments. He seeks continuous training and empowerment for both himself and his stakeholders (partners, clients, etc.).

Other Educational Qualifications

Ηe has attended numerous seminars / days of entrepreneurship and business administration / marketing. She has attended a large number of Pan-European Training Meetings in countries such as Germany, Creative thinking - techniques to stimulate creativity, Linking creativity and employability - Recognizing creativity in the labor market), Poland (personal development and motivation, coaching techniques, team building), Portugal (entrepreneurship and business building skills), Egypt (international cooperation, entrepreneurial initiatives, leadership), Turkey (Leadership, Self-development and Project Management). Finally, he has participated in American University courses (Kellogg Northwestern University, Marketing Department) as well as full-time training at the Richdad School by Robert Kiyosaki.

Guided by ethics and integrity and with the ultimate goal of financial affluence, he seeks to achieve continuous "entrepreneurial" vigilance.

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