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Investment Center is a Center for Business Consulting Services for Integration into Investment Programs and Finding New Business Opportunities. It aims at the improvement, restructuring, and evolution of the dynamic enterprises of the region, which have the ability to perceive and adapt to the data of the constantly changing environment - local and global. Providing lasting and continuous information, the primary purpose is to obtain comprehensive support to the business entities of the private sector, considering the business peculiarities of the locale, and personalizing to the specific needs of each company.

Specifically, the exemplar investment study firm is active in providing consulting services for small and medium enterprises, with the aim of integrating them into development (Community) Grant Programs . The Investment Center is the basic medium and the main instrument for those companies that seek to successfully integrate into the favorable arrangements and provisions of the European subsidized programs for the implementation of investment projects.

Consulting is not limited to simple investment study services, but above all there is an additional benefit, with substantial support to the individual entrepreneur, with duration and a comprehensive basis for preparation in the future, thus adding substantial benefits to our clients.


The Continuous Development and Improvement of businesses.

Offering substantial benefit and advisory value to companies both for their inclusion in subsidized programs and absorption of development funds, as well as for the increase of entrepreneurial intelligence.

Essential benefit, Ethics and Integrity, with a sense of social responsibility.


What distinguishes us:
-Effective updating and valid-timely information.
-Reliability and meritocracy for long-term cooperation.
-Responsibility and Validity.
-Continuous evolution and adaptation to new data.
-Business Improvement based on reality (local and global).
-Substantial support to business sectors.
-Procedure planning and thorough organization for continuous improvement.


Our goal is:
-Consulting at the business level (grants, financing)
-Close monitoring and market research for the creation and delivery of new services.
-Continuous monitoring of the environment in order to continuously improve the services provided.
-Improve the level of our partners while enhancing business intelligence.




We constantly add to the improvement of our region with all our available means.

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