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The Investment Center, utilizing the expertise and experience of its executives, in conjunction with the well-organized processes and utilization of new technologies, has developed a unique network of immediate business updating regarding subsidized programs. We provide effective updating through our investor information system (crm). We are able to answer any questions you may have in the field of grants at any time.

You can ask to sign up for an investor information system and you can choose how to get updated on new subsidized programs via::


- telephone briefing
- fax notification
- notification via mobile phone message (s m s)
- Briefing through representatives / authorized partners
- notification by post (letter)
- online updating
- e-mail / e-newsletter
- facebook

In the context of responsible information, we keep up to date on all current and expected grant programs and their potential (call us at: 2118505001, 2811754652 daily).

You will also find our company in the Media, as we participate in informing the business world through the local media:

- articles in the main local newspapers,
- participation in radio broadcasts,
- e-news article publications,
- continuous updates to business associations.

We will instantly answer all your questions - questions about subsidized programs, but also about ways to raise funds (funding studies), business plans etc. We also urge you, and encourage you, to give our contact information to friends / acquaintances, who have some investment interest and who are potential investors. We will be happy to answer their queries about the grant programs, suggest solutions and ways to develop them. The registration of any interested businessman in the investor information system (CRM) does not cost anything. The update is provided free of charge.

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