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Basic Digital Transformation [1st Action] from €18,000 to €30,000 with a 50%-60% grant

Feb 17th 2023 7:39pm

The start date for applications for the "Basic Digital Transformation" program has been announced. The start of applications starts on February 23, 2023, at 12:00. The evaluation and inclusion process for funding is immediate [FIFO - First in First out]. The investment projects are evaluated in the order they are submitted, until the action's budget is exhausted.

The Basic Digital Transformation program grants investment projects of between €18,000 and €30,000 and aims at the technological upgrade of small and medium-sized businesses. Basic technologies are subsidized such as: Digital Equipment (PC, Laptop, Printers), Business Software and Applications, Website, Eshop, Business Resource & Process Management Applications, ERP, Digital Security, Customer Management, Production Optimization etc.

The amount of the grant is 60% for the Regions of Fair Transition (Western Macedonia, B. Aegean, N. Aegean, Crete, Municipalities of Megalopolis, Gortynia, Tripoli, Oichalia), while for all other Regions of the country the grant is 50%.


The main categories of expenditure subsidized by the Basic Digital Transformation Action are:

Equipment Expenses: Supply of digital office equipment (Electronic Computers, Laptops, Multi-Machines), Data transfer networks, Internet connection infrastructure, Cabling, etc.

Software Expenses: Construction of Website, eshop, applications. Supply of modern business resource & process management applications (ERP, WMS, KPIs, EDI, BMPS, etc.), Processing applications (Image, 3D Models and CAD), Digital security, customer and supply chain management, production optimization, etc.

Costs for the provision of services related to the digital upgrade: Consulting support for monitoring the investment plan, technical support for the implementation, installation or configuration of applications.

Indirect Expenses: An additional monetary bonus of 7% is given on the total investment budget.

(Detailed description of costs is given here and below)


The eligibility of expenses begins from the date of publication of the Action (15/2/2023).

The maximum duration of implementation of an investment project is Nine (9) months from the Approval date.

Beneficiaries are Very Small, Small, and Medium Enterprises which, upon application, in principle meet the following criteria:
  • They have started operating before 1/1/2022 (ie they have completed at least one full fiscal year).
  • They had at least three positions (3 EME) of dependent labor in the year 2022.
  • They have been active in one of the eligible BACs (Business Activity Code) of the investment plan for at least one year.
  • The investment plan concerns exclusively an eligible BAC.
  • They operate legally by having the appropriate, in accordance with current legislation, operating license.
  • They have been registered in the Register of Beneficial Beneficiaries (law 4557/2018) before the date of submission of the application.

The Basic Digital Transformation program belongs to the wider state aid package "Digital Transformation of Media" and is financed by "Competitiveness 2021 - 2027". The budget, totaling €90,000,000, is distributed as follows: €19,800,000 for the Region of Attica & South Aegean and €70,200,000 for the other Regions.

The funding application (investment proposal) is submitted exclusively electronically to the New Integrated Information System of State Aids (OPSKE) of the Ministry of Development and Investments. The Evaluation process is particularly strict, as no outstanding items will be requested with the result that any deficiencies will render an application Rejected.


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