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Two (2) New Expected NSRF Programs for New Businesses [Prereleases]

Oct 24th 2023 9:37pm

The Ministry of Finance [General Secretariat of Public Investments and NSRF] has announced the Pre-Publications for two New Subsidized Programs that will run in the next period of time:

⬢ Strengthening the Establishment and Operation of new Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises.

⬢ Strengthening the Establishment and Operation of new Small and Medium Enterprises (except restaurants, retail trade and tourism).

Applications can be submitted by established & newly established companies, for investment projects with a net value of up to 400,000 euros. The grant rate will range from 45% to 60% of the submitted costs.

All investment projects with a score of more than 60 points (Comparative Evaluation) will qualify for evaluation, as there will be no order of priority.

The grading criteria concern the maturity of the project (such as the existence of required permits), the clarity and completeness of the investment plan, the realism of the implementation schedule, etc. The demonstrated experience and relevant knowledge of the shareholders/partners as well as the percentage of securing the Private Participation.

* Detailed specialization will be in the Official Announcement that will follow after the Pre-Publications.


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