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Feb 10th 2020 4:02pm

3rd round of "General Entrepreneurship" of Development Law 4399/2016

Applications for the New Investment Law (4399/2016) have opened for subsidized investments in all types of businesses. The types of aid provided are: a) tax exemption, b) subsidy, c) leasing subsidy, d) wage cost subsidy.

Expenditures on building and environmental design, machinery, mechanical and other equipment, intangible costs, salary costs and studies and consultant fees / start-up costs for small and micro start-ups. Applications are evaluated comparatively and ranked in descending order according to their scores. All proposals that meet the minimum acceptable score up to the budget are financed. The submission period starts on 27/12/2018 and ends on 28/02/2020 29/3/2019 / 31/5/2019 / 5/6/2019 / 01/07/2019 / 02/09/2019/29 / 11/2019 / 15/01/2020.

Applications may relate to:

  • Creating a new unit.
  • Extension of existing unit capacity.
  • Diversify unit production into products or services not previously produced.
  • Fundamental change of the whole production process of the existing plant.

Subsidy rates (tax exemption, grant aid) vary by company size and by region in which the investment plan is implemented.
Investment projects start from a minimum of EUR 100,000.

The Investment Center (Business Consultants - NSRF Consultants) provides full and comprehensive support, from the first eligibility check,
to the evaluation of the expected rating (preliminary rating) as well as to the preparation - submission of an excellent business plan that will deliver
the maximum possible profitability. More information at 2118505001 or 2811754652 (


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Our know-how combined with high expertise are the guarantee of the quality of our firm's services, ensuring the smooth integration of businesses into subsidized programs, and the proper disbursement of grants. The high success rates in recent grant programs are the guarantee of the excellent support from our firm.

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