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Mar 31st 2020 4:09pm

3rd cycle "Mechanical Equipment Aid" of the Development Law 4399/2016

The third cycle of the "Mechanical Equipment Aid" regime of the Development Law 4399/2016, with a total budget of 150,000,000 EURO, was announced.

The purpose of the regime is to strengthen investment projects, with highly simplified procedures. Specifically, expenditures related to Mechanical Equipment, Special Facilities (except for buildings) and Transportation (used within the unit) will be subsidized through tax exemptions.

The start date for the submission of applications is 25/2/2019 and the deadline is 30/9/2020 13/12/2019, unless the budget of 150 million Euros is exhausted earlier.

Grant Type (tax exemption)

The regime "Mechanical Equipment Aid" of Development Law 4399/2016 subsidizes in the form of  Tax Exemption, within a period of 5 to 15 years. This practically means exemption from paying income tax on pre-tax profits for all business activities (as evidenced by tax legislation, deducting the tax of the legal entity corresponding to the profits distributed).

Minimum Investment Height

The minimum amount of subsidized investment depends on the size of the entity:

  • Large Enterprises: 500,000 Euros and above.
  • Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives: 250,000 Euros and above.
  • Small Businesses: 150,000 Euros and above.
  • Very Small Businesses: 100,000 Euros and above.

. • Agricultural Cooperatives: 50,000 Euros and above.

-Companies whose final eligible amount of investment plans exceeds EUR 500,000 will have to obtain the  legal form of a commercial company or a cooperative before the beginning of the investment project.

 -Companies that have a haplographic accounting system (Category B Books) and for which the final eligible amount of investment plans exceeds 300,000 euros, will have to be changed to a duplicate accounting system (Category C Books).


Basic Conditions for Inclusion 

Beneficiaries of the aid in the Development Law are companies (existing, under establishment, under merger) that are established or have a branch in the Greek territory and have the form of a commercial company (SA, Ltd., IKE, OE, EU), Individual Enterprise, and also the following forms are eligible: Social Cooperative Enterprises, Agricultural Cooperatives, Producers' Groups, Agricultural Corporate Partnerships, companies operating in the form of a consortium with the condition of their registration with GEMI.

Applications are evaluated comparatively and ranked in descending order according to the score they obtained. All of the proposals that obtain the minimum acceptable score are financed, until the coverage of the budget of 150 million Euros.

Applications must necessarily apply to one of the following:

  • Creation of a new unit.
  • Extending the capacity of an existing unit (to be certified by documentation as well). • Differentiation of unit production into products or services that have not been produced before.
  • Fundamental change of the entire production process of an existing unit (for large companies).
  • Acquisition of all assets from a business facility that has been closed and the purchase is made by an investor who is not related to the seller.

In order for a company to join, it is necessary that the subsidized project (purchase of machinery, payment of advances, etc.) has not started in advance, before the submission of the Application. Also, problematic companies will not be accepted, as well as those who have relocated to the place of investment where the subsidized project will take place in the last 2 years.


Granted Expenses


It includes the costs of purchasing and installing new modern machinery, including the technical installations and generally the arrangements made for their permanent installation and connection to the production circuit. Also, the costs of modernizing mechanical installations not related to buildings. Also included are the costs of building, purchasing, supplying or modernizing special facilities which are related to machinery and are necessary for the productive operation of the unit associated with the investment plan (eg heating installations, air conditioning units or storage tanks).

1. Production Line: Purchase - Installation of Equipment Machinery - Automation team that performs specific completed work and / or leads to the production of a complete intermediate or final product (eg aluminum production line, carton line, etc.)

2. Similar Machinery - Equipment: Purchase - Installation of Machinery - Equipment used for similar work (eg film paths, material tanks), etc.

3. Individual Basic Machine: A distinct group can be a single basic machine that performs specific tasks (eg crushing press)

4. Machine Bases: Construction of metal bases or bases made of reinforced concrete for the installation of machinery.

5. Heating installations: Purchase and installation of the mechanical equipment of the boiler room and the hot water network (Boilers, burners, circulators, alternators, pressure units, radiators, etc.)

6. Air conditioning-Ventilation units: Purchase and installation of mechanical air conditioning-ventilation equipment (outdoor and indoor air conditioning units, heat pumps, etc.)

7. Substation - Electrical Installations: Purchase and installation of the mechanical equipment of the Substation and other electrical equipment (transformers, power pair, panels, systems of uninterruptible power supply and network protection, etc.)

8. Liquid or gas waste determination system: Purchase and installation of mechanical equipment for the collection and determination of liquid and gas waste (eg pumps, biological treatment, filters, etc.)

9. Installation of compressed air and / or gases: Purchase and installation of compressed air and / or gas networks, air compressors, airguards, filters, dryers, storage tanks.

10. Crane bridges: Purchase and installation of crane bridges

11. Bridge Platform: Purchase and installation of a platform.

12. Loading and unloading mechanical installations: Purchase and installation of electro-hydraulic metal ramps, automatic metal loading and unloading metal doors, etc. (mainly for supply chain units)

13. Pumps - piping: Purchase and installation of pumps and piping for the handling of liquid and gaseous materials of the production process

14. Equipment for the operation of swimming pools, marine therapy facilities and SPA hotel unit: Purchase and installation of mechanical equipment: operation of swimming pools, marine therapy centers and SPA facilities (pumps, circulators, etc.) for hotels

15. Fire detection - Firefighting: Purchase of fire detection and firefighting equipment (detectors, fire extinguishers, fire nests, etc.)    



         All types of vehicles with which the company carries out transport and movement of personnel and material goods (eg goods, finished products or materials) are included, provided that they move within the unit's premises. 

1. Lifting machines: Purchase of forklifts (clark)

2. Trucks - other vehicles: Purchase of means of transport of materials and products within the area of ​​the integrated unit (small trucks, trailers, loaders, etc.)

3. Vehicle and customer transport vehicles: Purchase of public transport vehicles and customers provided that they move within the unit. The purchase of passenger cars up to 6 seats is not eligible. 



The costs of purchasing and installing machines, not older than seven (7) years from the date of their first acquisition by a unit that has ceased to operate, are included. In order to create this category of expenditure, the equipment of the unit takes into account the separation of the acquisition from the fixed assets in the market contract, the separation in the valuation of these assets from the competent bodies and the separation in the accounting books of the company.  



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