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SME Digital Transformation

Nov 25th 2022 5:12pm

⬣ Pre-publication of a set of Actions "Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises". 

The Pre-Publication of one action (out of three) "BASIC DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of SMEs" of the "Competitiveness 2021-2027" Program has been announced.

Action Budget:

The program, with a total budget of 300.000.000 euros, is co-financed by the Greek State and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Basic target:

The action aims at the digital upgrade of SMEs by implementing basic digital transformation actions so that the supported companies are able to respond to the increased digital demands of the modern market.

The grant ranges from 40% to 60% with the total supported budget of each funding application ranging from €18.000,00 to €30.000,00.

(The total percentage of the Public subsidy is 50% of the total budget for all Regions, except for the Regions of Western Macedonia, North and South Aegean, Crete, the Municipalities of Megalopolis, Gortynia, Tripoli and Oichalia where the percentage is 60 % on the total budget.)

Existing, medium, small and very small businesses that meet the basic conditions for participation, as listed below, have the right to submit the funding application.


⬣ The basic conditions for companies to participate in Action 1 Basic Digital Transformation of SMEs are the following:

- To be active in the Greek territory and to make the investment exclusively in a single district category.

- Have at least one completed fiscal year.

- To be active in the eligible BAC (Business Activity Code) of the investment plan for at least one year.

- To have at least five (5) full-time or part-time dependent laborers in the calendar year preceding the submission of the funding application.

- To operate legally by having the appropriate operating license, based on the current legislation.

- To be exclusively corporate/commercial enterprises.

- Not to be under bankruptcy, liquidation or compulsory administration.

- That the physical object of the investment has not been completed or that it has not been fully realized before the submission of the financing application.


Eligible Expenses:

⬣ The categories of eligible expenses subsidized by Action 1 are:


i. Equipment Expenses with indicative expenses: Supply of digital office equipment, upgrade of internal data transfer networks, interaction with employees, customers or suppliers, etc.

ii. Software Expenses with indicative costs: Supply of basic business resource & process management applications (eg ERP, WMS, KPIs, EDI, BMPS, etc.), image processing, 3D models and CAD, digital security, customer and supply chain management, production optimization, etc. .

iii. Expenses for the provision of services connected to the digital upgrade with indicative expenses: Advisory support for monitoring the implementation of the investment plan, technical support for the implementation of the investment plan, installation or configuration of applications included in the financing application.

Submission Process and Evaluation Criteria:

The evaluation of funding applications will be done in order of priority until the budget of the Action is exhausted by Region category.

It is allowed to apply for funding ONLY in one of the three Actions:

- Action 1 Basic SME Digital Transformation

- Action 2 Advanced SME Digital Transformation

- Action 3 Digital Transformation of Cutting Edge SMEs

The date of publication of the Detailed Call for the Action is defined as the start of eligibility of expenses. The expected duration will vary up to 9 months from the date of issuance of the Approval Decision.


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