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Completion of the "Digital Media Upgrade of the Region of Crete" with 100% complete success.

Jan 3rd 2023 1:55pm

Payment of approved applications for the «Digital Media Upgrade of the Region of Crete» wa successfully completed. The said subsidized program was announced through the EP. CRETE 2014-2020.

The action provided a 100% grant for the purchase of Technological Equipment such as hardware (computers, printers, scanners, barcodes, etc.), software (antivirus, ERP, CRM), while at the same time the possibility of developing websites/eshops and the use of digital marketing (e -Marketplaces, social media, google ads, etc.).

The success rate of absorption of approved applications by the Investment Center reached 100%.



In this way, the complete absorption (subsidy) of all the approved investment projects undertaken by our company was ensured. The funds disbursed in total amounted to €236,040.98, contributing to the smooth operation of approved businesses.

This fact proves the quality of our office's services and the assurance of possible inclusion in NSRF subsidized programs.

Indicative Approved Investment Projects from the Investment Center [Type of Business and Grant Amount]:

⬢ Network technical support services: €5,176.19

⬢ Pharmacy: €12,634.89

⬢ Optical goods: €10,845.27

⬢ Advertising graphic designer services: €5,935.47

⬢ Car workshop: €5,009.00

⬢ Medical equipment trade: €13,632.87

⬢ Agricultural equipment trade: €7,971.00

⬢ Car trade: €14,417.82

⬢ SUPER MARKET: €5,000.00

⬢ Agricultural store: €5,816.96

⬢ Website construction: €5,638.22

⬢ Photographic services: €10,465.14

⬢ Bakery: €10,217.67

⬢ Game trade: €5,110.00

⬢ Hotel: €5,282.26

⬢ Construction company: €10,759.00

⬢ Footwear trade: €7,306.33

⬢ School: €5,883.07

⬢ Trade of electrical household appliances: €9,970.98

⬢ Courier services: €13,400.00

⬢ Plumbing / hardware / paint trade: €6,764.09

⬢ PC & software trade: €14,916.90

⬢ Consulting services: €5,400.00

⬢ Hotel: €11,468.70

⬢ Packaging goods: €6,088.69

⬢ Trade of medical and orthopedic goods: €10,750.98

⬢ Gasoline and Motor Oil Trade (Gas Station): €10,179.48

The know-how combined with the high specialization are the guarantee for the quality of the services of our office, ensuring the smooth integration of companies in subsidized programs, and the correct disbursement of the grants.


The Investment Center [Blackbird Business Consultants Group], as NSRP integration consultants for more than a decade, provides full and comprehensive support, from the first eligibility check, as well as to the preparation - submission of an excellent business plan that will yield the maximum possible scoring.

In the context of this success, we would like to thank those who collaborated with us in this successful program.

We Thank you for your Trust.

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