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OCTOBER 2022: 93% Approvals Success in the 3,000 youth business initiative grant program, with a focus on the digital economy [€14,800 grant]

Jan 12th 2023 4:38pm

The submission of Applications to the OAED "grant program for business initiatives employing 3,000 young freelancers aged 18 to 29 with a focus on the digital economy".  has been successfully completed.

The action subsidizes the establishment of new businesses with 100%, while the total subsidy amounts to €14,800.

The rate of approved applications from the Investment Center exceeded 93%. Our applications received particularly high scores, thus ensuring the possibility of candidates being included in the subsidized program in question.

This fact proves the quality of our office's services and the assurance of possible inclusion in NSRF subsidized programs.

Examples of new businesses approved include:

Indicative Approved Investment Projects from the Investment Center:

⬢ Clothing trade - eshop [Nea Alikarnassos Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Restaurant [Heraklion, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Trading of children's and baby clothes and clothing items - eshop [Heraklion, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Dental technician [Acharnes Attica]: €14,800.00

⬢ Dog Grooming [Keratsini Attica]: €14,800.00

⬢ Cafeteria [Attica]: €14,800.00

⬢ Advertising, Website Creation, Marketing Consultancy Services [Oropos]: €14,800.00

⬢ Gym and Wellness Services [Heraklion, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Manicure – pedicure services [Chalkida]: €14,800.00

⬢ Hairdresser [Heraklion, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Trading of computers, peripherals, software [Heraklion, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Refreshment Bar [Chalkida]: €14,800.00

⬢ Interior Decoration [Heraklion, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Trade in Cosmetics and Beauty Products [Chania, Crete]: €14,800.00

⬢ Manicure – Pedicure Services [Markopoulo Attica]: €14,800.00


The know-how combined with the high specialization are the guarantee for the quality of the services of our office, ensuring the smooth integration of companies in subsidized programs, and the correct disbursement of the grants.

The Investment Center, as NSRP integration consultants for more than a decade, provides complete and comprehensive support, from the first eligibility check, as well as to the preparation - submission of an excellent business plan that will yield the maximum possible points.

In the context of this success, we would like to thank those who collaborated with us in this successful program.

We Thank you for your Trust.


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