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Successful Completion [100%] for "Working Capital Subsidy for Pandemic-affected Tourism Hospitality Businesses" [100% full success].

Jan 13th 2023 4:20pm

The program «Subsidy of working capital of tourism hospitality businesses affected by the pandemic» was completed successfully.

The action supported the operation of tourism businesses under the regime of the COVID-19 pandemic by creating sufficient liquidity to restart their economic activity, through the non-refundable support of part of their working capital.

The Investment Center ensured the full absorption (grant) of all approved investment projects as well as the full absorption of funds amounting to €755,436.07. Contributing to the smooth operation of approved businesses.

The Action was co-financed with funds from Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund - ERDF).

The success rate of absorption of all approved applications by the Investment Center reached 100%.

Successful payments (grants) drawn from tourism business investment projects are listed.


Indicative Approved Investment Projects from the Investment Center:


  • Tourist Office (Heraklion): €400,000.00

  • Tourist Office (Heraklion): €10,473.63

  • Tourist Office (Argyroupoli Attica): €6,765.84

  • Tourist Office (Kilkis): €13,661.81

  • Tourist Office (Ano Liosia Attica): €4,706.80

  • Tourist Office (Thessaloniki): €6,052.86

  • Tourist Office (Cholargos Attica): €7,203.82

  • Tourist Office (Chalandri Attica): €8,428.22

  • Tourist Office (Heraklion): €46,279.24

  • Tourist Office (Heraklion): €3,047.82

  • Hotel (Peninsula): €17,709.94

  • Hotel (Malia): €27,616.29

  • Hotel (Peninsula): €33,598.40

  • Hotel (Kapetaniana Heraklion): €18,398.14

  • Hotel (Tsoutsouras of Heraklion): €66,080.41

  • Hotel (Heraklion): €72,424.94

  • Hotel (Kassandra Halkidiki): €3,133.11

  • Hotel (Santorini): €5,033.18

  • Hotel (Matala of Heraklion): €4,821.62


The know-how combined with the high specialization are the guarantee for the quality of the services of our office, ensuring the smooth integration of companies in subsidized programs, and the correct disbursement of the grants.


The Investment Center, as NSRF integration consultants for more than a decade, provides complete and comprehensive support, from the first eligibility check, as well as to the preparation - submission of an excellent business plan that will yield the maximum possible points.

In the context of this success, we would like to thank those who collaborated with us in this successful program.

We Thank you for your Trust.


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